Bienvenue à l'Eco-campement Solidaire Gnilman / Welcome to the Gnilman Eco-camp

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Welcome to the remarkable Saloum

Located by the sea and south-east from Dakar, the Saloum Delta gets its name from its two converging rivers : the Salom and the Sine. This delta is one of the most beautiful regions in Senegal with its majestic scenery made of mangroves, forests, lagunes, fishing villages, et other natural parks. The Saloum Delta national park has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011.

These beautiful surroundings offer a large variety of activities for our visitors. Many excursions are available : the Saloum Delta’s national park, the Palmarin reserve, Yayem’s palmyra palm forest, Bendia’s zoological park and many islands to visit. And why not seize this opportunity to visit in Djilor the historical birthplace of Senegal’s first president, member of the French Academy and famous writer : Léopold Sédar Senghor